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74th Street Lakefill 
New Rules


The 74th Street Lakefill only excepts Clean Fill, as defined by Chapter 24 of Miami-Dade County Code. Miami-Dade DERM is requiring that all material be submitted for their review prior to being accepted at the lakefill. All customers will be responsible for submitting DERM material acceptance requests. 

Click the link below to download the current documentation that we are required to submit to DERM and obtain their approval prior to accepting material to our Lakefill.

You must fill out the middle section "SOURCE FACILITY AND MATERIAL INFORMATION" and provide the PHOTOS as described below that section.

For the best app to take the photos, download the free app "Time Stamp Photo" for iPhone or Android.

Additionally, you can click the link below to download the most current DERM Soil Reuse Guidance document.

​If you need assistance in testing your soil, contact Jeff Thompson with Miami Environmental & Civil Engineering at (786) 999-3568 or email him at jeff@miami-environmental.com


If you have any questions feel free to contact:

The Lowell Dunn Company - Addam Hall at (305) 821-8300 Ext. 44 or email at: Addam@DunnCos.com

​Miami-Dade County DERM  - Patti Emad at (305) 372-6607 or email at: Patti.Emad@MiamiDade.gov

Miami-Dade County DERM  - Danielle Jimenez at (305) 372-6447 or email at: Danielle.Jiminez@MiamiDade.gov